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What are the hazards of disposable lunch boxes?

NEWS / 2021-06-11 14:20

Plastic lunch boxes are also known as disposable lunch boxes or disposable plastic boxes. They are very common in our life, especially when we order take-out, and most food packaging use plastic lunch boxes. Although plastic lunch boxes are very convenient to use, we need to doubt their quality and safety. So do you know what are the hazards of using plastic lunch boxes? And what kind of waste do plastic lunch boxes belong to? The following is a relevant introduction, you can learn about it.
  What kind of garbage are plastic lunch boxes? Plastic lunch boxes are dry garbage.
  What are the hazards of using plastic lunch boxes?
  I. Harmful to human health
  1. Causes kidney stones
  Now there are many plastic lunch boxes with substandard quality in the market. Some paraffin wax and industrial calcium carbonate are added in the production process. If you use these substandard plastic lunch boxes for a long time, the paraffin wax inside will cause diarrhea, and the calcium carbonate will slowly accumulate in the human body, leading to constipation and kidney stones.
  2. Carcinogenicity
  The main component of the plastic lunch boxes we usually order for take-out or packaging is polyvinyl chloride, which is unstable in nature. When the food or liquid in the lunch box reaches 65 degrees or higher, it will release the toxic gas hydrogen chloride. Entering the human body through food can cause poisoning and a serious risk of cancer.
  3. Poisoning hazard
  Plastic lunch boxes are foam tableware, and when the food it holds exceeds 65 degrees, its own toxic substances will precipitate into the food. Eating with such a lunch box is equivalent to chronic poisoning. There will be no short-term effects, but long-term use will still affect the liver and kidneys. 4.
  4. Destroying human immune system
  Some plastic lunch boxes will add fluorescent powder, plasticizers, phthalates and other harmful substances during the production process. When plastic lunch boxes encounter high temperature food, these harmful substances will precipitate out into the food, into the human body for a long time accumulation, will reduce the immunity of the human body, a serious decline in physical fitness will cause poisoning.
disposable lunch boxes
II. The harm to the environment
  1. Pollution of soil
  Most of the waste treatment methods of plastic lunch boxes in daily life are centralized landfill treatment. However, it takes a long time for plastic products to be buried naturally, and the soil becomes soft after being buried. The viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances in these plastic wastes will enter the soil and cause land pollution.
  2. Pollute the air
  We also use incineration to dispose of plastic lunch boxes and other garbage. However, when these plastic lunch boxes and other plastic products are burned, dioxins and other harmful gases will enter the air and pollute the air and cause harm to the body when inhaled.
  3. Long degradation time
  The degradation time of plastic products similar to plastic lunch boxes is at least 200 years. Plastic stays in the field for a long time, which will affect the crop's absorption of water and inhibit development. If livestock accidentally ingest plastic, it can lead to digestive diseases and even death. In addition, the loose foundations of fields filled with plastic allow bacteria to infiltrate and contaminate the environment.
  4. Secondary pollution
  If plastic lunch boxes are burned directly, it will cause serious secondary pollution to the environment. When plastic is burned, it will not only produce a lot of black smoke, but also dioxins. When dioxin enters the soil, it takes at least 15 months to decompose, and dioxin can be harmful to plants and animals.
  The above is the specific content about what kind of garbage plastic lunch boxes are and what are the hazards of using plastic lunch boxes. It is recommended that you reduce the use of plastic lunch boxes in your life. After all, plastic lunch boxes are not only potentially harmful to humans, but also to the natural environment.