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Notes on the use of disposable lunch boxes

NEWS / 2021-07-23 14:48

1.Use sparingly in general, be careful with disposable boxes, try to bring lunch boxes, health and economy.
2.In the lunch box that is not clear whether it is pure PP, try not to use microwave heating.
3.Refuse to use the foam plastic lunch boxes used by businesses.
4.Some unscrupulous producers add plasticizers to facilitate processing. Usually, this plasticizer is soluble in oil. If it is hot oil, it will dissolve more solvent. Therefore, if the food contains oil, a small amount of plasticizer dissolves in the oil and is then transferred to the food. If the plasticizer is in contact with the food for a long time or in excess, it will have certain effects on the body.
5.How to choose qualified disposable boxes: 1. Consumers need to buy products from regular manufacturers and production addresses when choosing disposable tableware.  2. When buying these tableware, please note whether the outer packaging of tableware has "Qs" logo.
6.the frequent use of disposable packaging box people should eat more fruit and grains and cereals: through 3 methods can eliminate all toxic active ingredients in the body. One is to reduce the absorption, the second is to increase the elimination, and the third is to reduce the damage. High fiber foods can help our body absorb harmful substances and pass them to the feces. Harmful substances are less likely to enter the bloodstream when they enter the body. Fresh fruits contain vitamin C, which strengthens the basic functions of basal metabolism and helps to eliminate harmful substances. Whole grains are corn, millet and beans.
disposable lunch boxes
Plant fiber type
In terms of environmental protection, plant fiber lunch box has obvious advantages. It is made from plant fiber extracted from rice straw, rice husk, bagasse, etc. Adding additives such as molding agents, binding agents, and water-resistant agents, it is molded by molding machines and then processed to form, such as drying, shaping and sterilizing. In these agricultural
Biodegradable Plastic Lunch Boxes
The raw material of this lunch box is biodegradable plastic. The so-called biodegradable plastic is a certain amount of food additives, such as initiators, starch and other raw materials, added to the production process of plastic products. In this way, biodegradable plastic products can be completely decomposed into pieces after leaking in the natural environment for 3 months after use, thus improving the regional environment.
Biodegradable lunch box is a professional energy-saving and environmental protection product.
It uses starch as the main raw material, plant fiber material powder grown for one year and special food additives, processed by organic chemical and physical methods to make biodegradable fast food boxes. Considering that starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it is transformed into glucose water and finally into water and carbon dioxide under the action of microorganisms.