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Disposable packing box performance characteristics

NEWS / 2021-07-16 11:29

A disposable packing box is a box used for packaging items for single use. This kind of box is called disposable packing box though. But due to its material characteristics. The packaging box can be reused many times. Most of the disposable boxes on the market are disposable boxes made of rubber injection molding and blister molding in one go.
Disposable packing box performance characteristics
(1) disposable injection molding lunch box for PP material. small density of PP, strength, rigidity. PP is better than low-pressure polyethylene in terms of density, strength, stiffness and heat resistance, and is resistant to high temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius and low temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. - 20 degrees Celsius low temperature. Common acid. The organic solvents of alkali hardly work on it. PP is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder and has a higher melting point than PE.
(2) Usually disposable injection molded lunch boxes are made of food-grade PP material. PP plastic is non-microwave absorbing, so it can be used as cooking utensils in microwave ovens.
(3) Disposable injection molded lunch boxes are not only convenient and practical. And the food can be stored in different categories.
Disposable packing box, quality identification tips
1. Color
Most people would think that white lunch boxes are clean and hygienic,. However, this is not the case with biodegradable lunch boxes. The general biodegradable lunch boxes are made of paper or plants as raw materials. They are not white in color, and the paper we use everyday is bleached. Like starch made lunch boxes will be gray, other types of lunch boxes are also slightly darker, not pure white,. Some qualified lunch boxes may also have edible additives added in the post-production process to enhance the aesthetics.
2. Odor
Some inferior lunch boxes will have a certain pungent odor, which is due to the addition of some harmful chemicals or industrial additives during the processing.
3. Texture
The qualified lunch box itself will have a certain "toughness". It will not be very brittle, a stab will break,. Should have a high strength.