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Disposable lunch box purchase skills and classification

NEWS / 2021-07-28 17:34

With people's attention to dining and hygiene requirements, disposable lunch boxeses are also getting more and more attention, but the more products there are, the more choices there are, the more difficult it is to decide. Faced with so many brands of disposable lunch boxeses, many friends wonder which disposable lunch boxeses are good and which brand they should choose? How to choose the best product for you from so many disposable lunch boxeses on the market is very difficult! The following editors briefly introduce you to buying tips.
1. Look at the manufacturer: understand the manufacturer, the manufacturer's credentials, whether they have QS, etc., and then look at the raw materials they use and the strength of the factory!
2. Look at sales: generally speaking, most people recognize high sales, at least a lot of people use. Combined with the assessment, you can see how the functional quality of each product!
3. Assessment: Product assessment information is information on how good or bad the product quality is. In the case of similar sales, the better the assessment, the higher the recognition of the product!
4. Look at the price: On the basis of functional recognition, choose an acceptable price and then choose the disposable box that is right for you!
Plastic type
Disposable lunch boxes made of plastic are mainly PP polypropylene and PS polystyrene, both non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, PP is softer, the general temperature of PP is -6 degrees to +120 degrees, so it is especially suitable for hot meals, can be heated in the microwave oven, or even steamed in the steam cabinet, modified PP whose temperature can be controlled from -18 degrees to +110 degrees, the lunch boxes made of this PP can be heated to 100 degrees, but can also be put into the refrigerator for cold storage.
PS is hard and transparent, but easy to tear. PS starts to soften when the temperature reaches 75 degrees, so it is not suitable for hot meals and hot dishes, but the low-temperature performance of PS is very good, and it is a good packaging material for ice cream.
To reduce cost, some lunch box factories use PP as the box and PS as the lid. The advantage is that the lid is transparent and PS is harder and can be made of thin material to reduce cost, but consumers of this design need to understand the difference between the two materials and please remember not to attach the whole box of rice to the lid and put it into the microwave oven to heat it up.
Cardboard type
Cardboard lunch boxes Cardboard fast food boxes are made from 300-350 grams of bleached sulfate wood pulp cardboard and are die-cut and glued or die-cut and pressed and shaped through a press molding process similar to sheet metal processing. In order to prevent its oil or water penetration, it needs to be laminated or chemical additives applied on its surface. In production and use, it is non-toxic and has no side effects on humans. However, the quality of the paperboard is more demanding and costly.
Edible plastic tableware containing starch as the raw and auxiliary materials, in general, it is starch-based food greenery as the raw and auxiliary materials, adding dietary cellulose and the rest of the edible coating additives by stirring and lightly pressed, it uses biological mix, polysaccharide cross-linking, calcium and magnesium ion complexes and other processes refined from the use of temperature is -10 degrees to +120 degrees, so it is more suitable for holding hot rice stir-fry, can be heated in the oven, more can be placed in the refrigerator to keep fresh.