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Four types of disposable biodegradable lunch boxes

NEWS / 2021-06-21 14:22


As the name implies, it is made of starchy plant as raw material, adding dietary fiber and other edible additives by stirring and kneading, it is refined by biological compounding, polysaccharide cross-linking, calcium ion chelation and other technologies, and has four parts: dense layer, inner waterproof layer, rubber mesh layer and outer waterproof layer.

Cardboard type

Cardboard cutlery is made of 300-350g of bleached sulfate wood pulp cardboard as raw material, and is made by die-cutting and gluing or die-cutting and pressing and shaping processes similar to sheet metal processing. In order to prevent oil or water seepage, the surface is coated or chemical additives are applied. In the production and use process is non-toxic, no side effects to human body. However, the quality of the paperboard is higher and the cost is higher.

Pulp Molding Type

Wood pulp or reed, bagasse, wheat straw, straw and other annual herbaceous plant fiber pulp is shredded and purified, added with appropriate amount of non-toxic chemical additives, shaped, dried, shaped, shaped, trimmed, and sterilized. Its cost price is between 0.28-0.32 yuan. The aesthetics of the product is not high, and it also increases the pollution of waste water.

Plant fiber type

In terms of environmental advantages, plant fiber tableware has obvious advantages. It is made of straw, rice husk, bagasse and other extracted plant fibers as raw materials, adding molding agents, binders, water-resistant agents and other additives to stir through the molding machine, and then dried, shaped, disinfected and other post-processing. These agricultural offcuts can become industrial raw materials, which helps the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources. 
Ltd. is a science and technology environmental protection enterprise mainly producing and processing disposable straw environmental protection tableware with straw fiber such as wheat straw, sugar cane, rice straw and reed and selling products. The biodegradable tableware mainly includes disposable multi-grid meal boxes, disposable external and external packing boxes, disposable packing bowls, disposable plates and dishes, disposable baking plates, meal trays, as well as agricultural packaging, high-quality industrial packaging, medical packaging, new building materials, entertainment toys and so on.
All of our products are made of straw as raw material, no bleaching, showing the original color of straw; no bleaching agent, no lead and chromium and other chemical additives contained in other tableware; the material is healthy and environmentally friendly food grade, can be in direct contact with food; environmental protection and health, the new material is degradable and can be completely degraded into organic fertilizer in 180 days under natural environment, and the indicators such as waterproof, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, refrigerable, etc. fully meet the international environmental health requirements.
biodegradable disposable lunch boxes